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Who Can Be Affected By Keratosis Pilaris?

As an inherited skin condition, keratosis pilaris involves the formation of small, rough bumps on the surface of the skin. These bumpy areas are created by the buildup of a protective skin protein called keratin, which causes these tiny bumps to form in collective areas. Individuals with keratosis pilaris can belong to a variety of ages and ethnic groups, as this disorder is common noted among all populations.

Keratosis pilaris can affect any person at any age. In general, the condition initially appears during the first 10 years of a person's life. Some patients do not experience keratosis pilaris in childhood, however, but are diagnosed after puberty. Women seem to be affected more often than men, but this condition can improve or even disappear with age. Keratosis pilaris may worsen during puberty, but often improves as a person reaches adulthood. Additionally, keratosis pilaris is most common in people of Celtic origin or among those who have another skin condition such as eczema or ichthyosis. Elderly people, however, rarely experience this disorder.

Nearly 50% to 80% of all adolescents are affected by keratosis pilaris, in addition to approximately 40% of all adults. The symptoms of keratosis pilaris generally worsen during the winter and other dry seasons due to the relative lack of moisture, but it can improve in the summer and warmer seasons when humidity is higher. For many women with keratosis pilaris, these symptoms can often become worse during pregnancy or after childbirth as well.

If members of your family have experienced keratosis pilaris, you have a higher risk of manifesting this condition. An estimated 30% to 50% of patients have a positive family history of keratosis pilaris. Although the disorder has a genetic association, it is not at all contagious and is therefore not spread by touch. If you are experiencing concern or discomfort because of keratosis pilaris, see your doctor for an exam. He or she may suggest that you implement several at-home remedies such as regular exfoliation and using a humidifier; in more severe cases, topical corticosteroids or clinical-strength moisturizers may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin-cell turnover.

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